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​S T U D E N T   L I F E

Finding Hope.  Learning to Thrive.
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Functional Academics and Life-Skills Classes

​New concepts are easily forgotten without continued practice.  At Hope & Thrive Academy, we build on concepts taught in high school while incorporating functional academics with life-skills classes, allowing our students the opportunity to experience greater independence and a more fulfilling life. Each of our students are academically diverse.  Therefore, we provide a tailored education based upon their individual needs.  Our Life-Skills Classes focus on money math and personal finance, relationships and social skills, conflict resolution, personal hygiene, cooking and cleaning practicums, and time management..  We also offer personal academic supports and tutoring for students enrolled in college.

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Fine Arts / Performing Arts

We believe the arts is an important part of any well rounded education.  Hope & Thrive Academy provides many opportunities for students to participate in the arts from photography and fine art classes to theatrical performances and even a performance handbell / choir chime choir that travels and performs throughout the Lakeway area at worship services, luncheons, and conferences.  

The arts enhance the quality of life for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities by helping them channel emotions and behaviors into an expressive, creative outlet.  It promotes communication, emotional growth and sensory integration while also fostering social interaction in a fun setting.  

Language Arts / Book Club

Book Club class activities are designed to focus on achievement in communication skills – both oral and written. Each day of the week students participate in different activities to ensure variety and enjoyment of their literacy gains.  Book Club study often leads to discussion of emotions, motivation and plot twists in each chapter.  Students enjoy creating special “character voices” as they read the conversation parts of the chapter in a Readers Theater format.  


Students also play board games, such as Apples to Apples, Picture-Picture, Name Five, Wordsearch and Zingo, to strengthen vocabulary and enhance conversation and listening skills.  Students watch and discuss CNN 10, the news channel’s student news program overview of important U.S. and world events. The class current events discussion ends with prayers for people, regions or countries dealing with challenges.   



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Fitness / Recreation

Hope & Thrive Academy uses Songahm Taekwondo as a basis for its fitness curriculum. The study and practice of Taekwondo benefits the students both mentally and physically. This fitness program incorporates character education while increasing the student's ability to focus and concentrate while performing physical tasks.  The physical benefits include increased coordination, flexibility, cardiovascular improvement, muscle toning and strengthening, and improved balance. Additionally, the curriculum teaches students about setting goals and working to attain them, while improving their self-esteem and building their self-confidence as they see themselves improving and reaching those goals.   Students participate in Taekwondo tournaments state wide and often bring home medals in their division.

Job Skills Training Program

We understands job preparedness is critical to the ongoing quality of life for our students.  We have created an appropriate support system and training that results in positive and sustained employment outcomes for our students. On average, individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities report a desire to work, however nearly 70% of the disabled population is currently unemployed – a statistic that has not improved in the last 30-years.  Our students have reversed that disheartening statistic and currently 85% of our students are employed in the community earning minimum wage or higher in integrated settings.  Being placed in the community is not the same as being a part of the community and having meaningful employment is a big part of that.

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