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Income-Based Sliding Scale Tuition Fees Effective July 1, 2021


Our income-based sliding scale tuition model seeks to make services accessible and affordable while ensuring the long-term financial sustainability of the program.


Based on the school’s budget and projections, the full tuition amount for a student to attend Hope & Thrive Academy is $8,400 / year or $700 / month. Applying for sliding scale tuition is optional, but all families with concerns about their ability to afford full tuition are invited to submit financial information to determine the tuition level for which they are eligible. For families who elect not to submit financial information, tuition will automatically be set at the full tuition amount.


Why an income-based sliding scale?


There is always a healthy tension between how to make a program affordable to families while also making it financially sustainable. The goal behind our income-based sliding scale tuition model is to create a fee structure that assists families in accessing the highest quality of services and education provided by Hope & Thrive Academy while also ensuring our program is here for you for years to come.


How does it work?


Our income-based sliding scale tuition model makes it possible for families to pay tuition based on their individual means. Applying for our sliding scale tuition is a straightforward process and families are encouraged to submit required financial documents well in advance of the deadlines. Financial information will be reviewed by Holston United Methodist Home for Children (HUMHC) and the annual family tuition fee will be established based on the financial information provided for that year. To continue receiving sliding scale tuition rates, families must reapply every year.


What financial documents are required?


Income must be verified by one of the following forms:


          1. Prior year’s tax return (preferred) for all members of the household.  "Household" is defined as all members who live at

              the same address.  


          2. If you are not required to file federal income tax, please submit any W-2 form(s), 1099’s and annual statement of earnings

              from SSI or SSDI from the previous year.


          3. If a student receives SSI or SSDI, please include a copy of their annual statement of earnings.


Copies of required tax documents can be mailed to:

Hope & Thrive Academy

Financial Aid Department

P.O. Box 237

Jefferson City, TN  37760


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