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Hope & Thrive Academy (HTA) is a program of Holston United Methodist Home for Children.  HTA provides post-secondary educational opportunities for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  In our program, we focus on all areas that promote growth: Academic, Physical, Social, Emotional, Vocational and Spiritual.  


Often times, young adults who have graduated or aged out of high school drift into a life of isolation, loneliness, and inactivity.  Seeing the need to fill a desperate void within our local community, we created an innovative program that maximizes independence, social maturity and spiritual growth for students with disabilities.  Our program invites them back to a productive life of gainful employment, vibrant social engagement, and physical fitness.  We open up new vistas for an underserved segment of our community.

Our driving force is a passionate desire to help those who cannot help themselves while raising the trajectory of their lives and empowering them and their families to lead more productive and fulfilling lives within our communities.   We also have a desire to partner with our families in providing an answer to the question parents and caregivers often ask:  "What happens to my child with disabilities if something happens to me?"   


I hope you will take a moment to reach out to explore if Hope & Thrive Academy can meet a need for you or your loved one with disabilities.

​Tracy E. Lewis



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